Monday, June 18, 2012

EoP - The Next Gen

The subject can be explained in much better detail, but what I cover in the video is sufficient enough to get the point across. Also I'm troubled by how extreme the compression is from youtube for the video. There's a lot of detail missing which really helps to dive home how much difference tessellation can make.

I hope most of you have learned something from this vid.

----Strife Out----


Cirman said...

The best episode yet in my opinion :)

Although I'm worried these will improvements'll drive up the cost of making a AAA title, I can't wait for this tech to be widely used!

Anonymous said...

you just turned my wondering thoughts from when Bethesda will announce Fallout 4 to when Microsoft will announce the next gen xbox

Sn1pernat0r said...

William I need help with fallout 3 I have my game on steam and when I play fallout I can for a while like 10 -20 min tops and it just stops it freezes I've tryed many things but it hasn't work if u got any ideas Plez tell me at