Friday, May 04, 2012

TES Online

This was announced yesterday, but none the less it's worth talking about. Bethesda has finally made an official announcement about The Elder Scrolls Online. Details are scarce, but it's slated for a 2013 release window, and it will apparently run on both Windows and Mac. Judging by the time frame for when it happens, which is the second era long before any of the single player games take place, things will apparently be in turmoil and a the daedric prince molag bal will be involved along with three player factions.

I'm remarkably sceptical about this game, primarily because it's clearly aiming to dethrone the MMO giant World of Warcraft. Back before you could venture across the world of Azeroth the warcraft series was my favourite, but then it found super popularity. Once that happened the things that made me love the series started to dry up, which is what I fear will happen with TES if it finds the same success online.
With an entire studio (Zenimax Online) devoted to this game I'm afraid I'll have to watch another of my favourite franchises go down the same path, and lose everything or change in ways I just don't care for.

Fear the future of this game my friends, for more reason than one.

----Strife Out----


vaultdweller13 said...

its not bethesda game studios developing the gamine its zenimax online

Anonymous said...

i have faith in Bethesda, if this is a big hit i don't think they'll go and mess up the Elder Scrolls

Cirman said...

If it's third person I just lost every ounce of interest I had in this, so it better be 1st person.