Friday, August 12, 2011


Visual novels are a form of video game that saturates the Japanese interactive market. How exactly such an unorthodox, and old type of game genre (which largely became popular due to how easy they were to make publish to any device), has remained popular is beyond me. However that doesn't mean I don't respect the work that goes into writing the stories found in them.

This bring me to a visual novel production company called Type-Moon. They're responsible for making some the the better VNs out there. But moreover their work tends to become anime sooner or later, and those shows more than often are worth the time to watch.

SO when I first watched the video below two words came to mind: Kick Ass.

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BeyondTheGrave3092 said...

cool in my opinon gungrave and hellsing have the best intros and outros but this seems cool