Sunday, July 05, 2009

Repetition Return

When it comes to music I'm simply interested in anything that sounds good to me. That means it doesn't matter what genre the music belongs to, what language it may be written in, or what instruments it's played with. If the sound is good and harmonious I probably can tell if the song is real good or just mediocre.
Even though I'm not discriminatory with what I listen to and judge music based on it's sound alone it doesn't mean I'm not prone to look for music from certain composers, groups, or artists.
One of those said Groups is Linkin Park. I've been listening to their music for years because of how much I find their music to have not only a different sound but the lyrics are something I've always liked.

I can't deny my that I had an awkward reception to Linkin Park's last album minutes to midnight. After all it was a big step is a new direction where they (for the most part) left behind their founding musical style. It took a while but the album grew on me and I don't think it's that bad now, but it's still not the original linkin Park.

That's why I was so happy when I saw the new transformers movie. I was wondering what type of song they would use at the end of the movie. In the first film they used "What I've Done" from the minutes to midnight album; Which was honestly the best track from the whole disc. The track just worked so well when the movie faded out and the credits started to roll. So obviously linkin park would have been great for the second movie but they haven't come out with an album for at least two years.\
Well much to my surprise when the second transformers movie was coming to a close the music that started to play sounded familiar in it's style. I was just blown away when I herd Chester Bennington start to sing.
I have to say I'm plenty glad that they had Linkin Park specifically produce a song for the movie it just helped it to close right. But even more so am I happy that I herd a new song from the band that reminds me why I started listening to them way back when.

It's just great to know that even if they don't intend to do the same thing all the time they haven't forgotten how to do what got them popular.

This is the song I'm talking about.

----CP Out---

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