Friday, July 03, 2009

Check the Depp

When it comes to people I see on camera there are a few names that come to mind for prominence. However none of them are as significant as Jonny Depp. The reason is because as an artist and an actor he is exactly what I respect and think a true screen talent should be. No matter what I hear, read, or where it comes from the reports always seem to be the same. Depp just does things his way and only because he enjoys it. He has no real ego, he's humble, hates being the center of attention, and prefers to stay away from talk shows and things that bring on gossip.

However when he does appear in the public eye and isn't in costume there is no doubt he's just the same as all those articles, talk shows, and media buzz portray him. Humble with a lack of ego.

If I ever become a director Jonny Depp is someone I want to work with.
---CP Out----

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