Monday, December 08, 2008

Moribito shirīzu

So nearly two years ago to date (just four days off) I spoke of an anime series called Seirei no Moribito. My interest in it came from the fact that Production I.G. made it, which is the same house that did Blood Plus. I very much so looked forward to the show but tacking it down was difficult, as it was licensed in america before it even aired in Japan. Well, pass two years and while I was successful in acquiring the show; my time to watch anime dwindled. After a two to three month period I was able to view the entire series; and this is what I have to say.

Seirei no Moribito is good, and I mean GOOD. The animation and art were on par and exceeded what I expected, while the story was deeper than I anticipated. However it had a hollow ending that left me feeling like there was more story to be told.
Well this is where my interest and curiosity benefit me. After doing some looking I discovered that the show was an adaptation of the children's novel by the same name. Even more exciting is that I found out it was only the first volume in a series of ten books.
Now comes the good part; As I've stated before, with the Haruhi series; If I like a show enough I'll follow the original media to get the entire story. That's less and less true the closer you get to text only media, but once in a while there are stories that I like enough to pursue regardless of how they were originally told.
The Moribito Series is one of those few series.

The original novels are already in translation; The first is out and the second to be released in April. I have all intentions of asking for this as a holiday gift, and if I don't receive it than I WILL purchase it myself.

Original Trailer I posted two years ago

Now I watch it again this show really changed by the time it aired.

Here's to hoping they animate Yami no Moribito, the sequel.
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