Saturday, June 14, 2008

Patriotic Blast

MGS4:GotP (Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots) a game I've been waiting for, and one which is FAR beyond anything I expected.
Right now I'm on chapter three (no clue how many chapters there are) and enjoying almost every bit of it. There are a few things I really don't like but I cant really complain. the overall feel is more epic than any MGS they've made thus far. I'm looking forward to how everything turns out.

Theatrical Trailer
(does not depict how the game feels very well)

EDIT: 5:10 am 6/13/08

Well I've beaten the game and wow. By far one of the THE best games I have ever played. Not only did it feel epic and important but I could barely look away from the screen. The entire thing makes all the other MG installments feel like child's play in both game play and in story and grad scheme. It was amazing, there were five chapters (four being my favourite) as well as a prologue and epilogue.
Some people die, others you finally meet, and a few you thought couldn't appear showed face. In the end this game had one of the best feelings because of how it had six prior games leading up to it. It's like experiencing history (I played all the games when they came out) and seeing just how complex and big things could get. Nostalgia is the one largest feeling the game delivered but in a relevant and up-to-date sense.

I'll leave it here if I continue I'll start giving away spoilers.

---CP Out---

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