Monday, May 19, 2008

Denver and back again

Sorry for not posting for such a long time but I've been busy. I JUST got back home, and since I did some typing while on the road I'll just post it for you.
(warning long post ahead)


I usually don't do personal posts but sometimes i just can't help myself. This time I'm going to lapse a bit and start by saying that right now as I type this it's five thirteen in the the morning and I'm somewhere near the colorado border in butfuck nowhere kansas. A road trip if you will, and things are a tad on the dead side with three sleeping beauties in the back, myself and the driver being the only two awake.

The whole purpose of this trip is more than just to have a good time. One of my friends has been in Iraq and is back on mid-deployment leave; with his return we decided to move up the schedule to go visit our brother who lies at eternal rest in colorado. It's an opportunity to solidify our friendship and remember that we can't stop caring for each-other even after the inevitable happens. I suppose we're cherishing the existence of each-other and our bonds as best we can, as close to those who have left us, even though they are still with us.

I feel like I'm spiting out useless gibberish, but I really don't know how to describe the underling feelings that are here inside the van we're traveling in. I know everyone feels the same way I do about the basic premiss for why this trip is taking place, but we try not to talk about it because of how difficult it is. I don't know when I'll get a chance to post this (or if I even will) but i hope that the idea of why I am where I am will be understood.

On a related note, this whole past week has been a very hectic one for certain. The Wednesday before last (05-07-08) I began ordering parts for my new computer build. On Monday I started building and by Thursday I was finished, with most of the bugs worked out. My work was cut short though because of this trip. I'll have more opportunity this next week to continue where I left off. Right now though I've gotta take time to make sure I pay homage to my best friend who left so suddenly.

It seems like all the excitement is being shoved into the smallest space possible and being made as dense as it can be in order to fit. I feel a little bit overwhelmed and that this is to saturated to be good. By the time my natal week comes later this month all the energy will probably be gone and I'll be left to my own devices. Depending on how the next week goes I may not really mind that. The five new games I bought to play on my state-of-the-art build will be a great way to wind down from all the things I've been doing and have yet to do.

Well I've run out of thoughts and it's nearly time for me to take the reigns for the next leg. So even though It's sudden I think I'll leave it here.


Hmmm, well I'm siting in the hotel room we got, it's twelve ten at night and I just woke up not to long ago. I really just can't get around it, after all I am a creature of the night. For that reason while today was a lot of fun it was a real strain, since i didn't get to crash until around four pm (by central time). Most of the day was spent hangin around the downtown shopping district. Usually that's not worth mention, but it's a much better experience when a city has a district thats dedicated to shopping, with no cars allowed. I won't go into detail but being in Denver is tons of fun just for how much better the city management is. Being able to grab a rail ticket and get around is more of who I am. Public transport is something I like since it's enviro friendly and much healthier for me (more leg work).

All and all this day has been a great experience, which makes up for how depressing the trip started with the visit to the grave. Spirits got a lot higher after we hit the city, something I'm truly glad happened with how things were after the visit. It's unfortunate that this is where I have to end it though. The time we're spending here is too short, but I don't suppose there's anything that can be done about that though. It won't even be a total of nine hours until we leave and start rolling back down that monotonous highway again. Thats something I'm not looking forward to but I am feeling the call of my new build that I haven't even finished gettign the bugs out of yet.


Finally on the roll back, it's ten at night right now and I probably won't be home till around three in the morning. At the lest I'll be able to get some useful time on my PC. Still have a lot of things to do though and then there's work later on monday. In all after its all said and done this trip has been the best I've ever been on. Can't wait for another one, that is assuming that it lives up to the quality that this one was. Which shouldn't be that hard since I didn't sleep at all till after we had our fun, I'll elaborate to clarify.

We were supposed to leave at six in the evening friday after two of my friends got off work and cleaned up. However we ran into trouble so we left around three to four hours late. The distance that we had to cover takes around ten to twelve hours to trek so when we got in it was about seven or eight in the morning. Since we only had the day we arrived to have fun we skipped getting a hotel room and just hit the town. That got off to a rough start but it turned out better than any of my expectations. By the time we were full on walking around it was three. After a hour rail ride back to where the car was we checked into a hotel and I crashed at four in the evening (I was up for around 25 hours) . Thats really about it for our fun, the only other thing we did after I woke the next day at nine, was eat and revisit the burial site again before leaving. Now as I type this I'm once again in butfuck nowhere kansas not to long before I have to take the wheel.

If you sum it up i guess it was all really a ten to twelve hour road trip both ways just to have seven to eight hours of fun. Kinda versus reason right... or am I wrong? It doesn't really matter though because it think it was fun and worth it. Now all I have to do is either move to Denver because of how much better of a city it is, or at least do a real road trip with a decent amount of time to spend at the destination.

Nearly home and happy.

---CP Out---

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