Saturday, June 23, 2007

Vital Pulse

Well I'll be honest most of the music I own is the type I "acquired" and when I buy something It's because of how worth it the stuff is. That's the truth regardless of what I buy and even more so if it's only binary code. Anyhow one of the things that I have shelled out for is the album called Life by the artist Andy Hunter.

I Should state that even though I like techno music I'm not a fond of people that make albums out of it. The reason why is because they just have a habit of making the songs to long and redundant. The very idea of listening to something repetitive for hours on end while I surf the web, work on a project, or hit up a party is just horrid. For that sole reason I typically only stick to the high quality remixes from video games that come out of the OC Remix. However the music from Andy Hunter is different. It's long and a bit redundant but it just sound so good that it shakes that feeling of "when will it end". Beside that it's level of repetition is much less because there's more tune and less base/synth carrying the songs along. I look forward to more music by Andy all the time; till then and even after, what he's done so far is worth listening too.

you can listen to bits of Life at his website.

Groove the Beat
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