Thursday, June 21, 2007

Black Bullets

Wow it's been a while eh? Anyway getting back on track my subject today is Black Lagoon. Right off I'll say that the show was kick ass. Really it was very well done even though the story could have used some work and was just ridiculous at some points.
Anyhow the animation was good and even though this opinion may change I think it may be one of the shows on my list to buy on DVD.

In the end after watching it I wish the show was still going but putting that aside one other thing about it made it good. There's an anime called Bakuretsu Tenshi (aka Burst Angel) which is a show that has great art and looks like it'll be absolutely sweet. The problem? Well there was to much fan service, no story, and they didn't even follow the main character the show started with. Additionally it was ridiculous in it's premise of villains and the things they fought over for a good chunk of the time.
Cutting myself off for the problems with Bakuretsu Tenshi and it's flaws, my point is as follows. Black lagoon is very similar in the premiss of what it's about but it's considerably better done even with it's own holes. Bottom line Black Lagoon and Bakuretsu Tenshi are virtually the same show and made out of the same parts, but Black Lagoon was put together correctly. Because of this I Liked the show and more so am considering buying it.

Looking in from a different direction I will mention that Black Lagoon is not a show for kids, religious types (those relating to the bible at the least), or anyone who can't stand a SLEW of bad language and blood. The show is very violent and though it could be much more graphic it's still up there. I recommend this show to anyone who loves guns and explosions. However it's also good for those who want more than JUST that cause there's a story in relation to the piracy, death, betrayal, and violence that takes place. None of the subjects are nice but there's enough story to keep Black Lagoon from being just a giant action show.

This is one of my favourite intros I've seen ever so far.
Black Lagoon Intro

Hopefully I'll post sooner next time.
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