Saturday, April 07, 2007

I hate it

Well I just have to comment on this show. Canvas 2 a show that I looked into because I liked the art form of some wallpapers I saw. After watching it I was kinda dumb struck and didn't know what to think. Well now I have to say I hate the show.

The entire thing wasn't that bad but the last episode blew it all up. Now I'm a not a spoiler person so I won't say how it ended but it involved choosing between two girls and the choice made was not in my favour. Really this is one of those things that's kinda hit a nerve so I wish there were still records on the animesuki forums so I could mull over what other people think of the ending (I've found reference to it's existence on other blogs since the ending was of a controversial nature, and the source of my displeasure).

Anyway I wouldn't suggest this show to many people at all if any. Then again I suppose if anyone reads this it may get them interested enough to watch it just for the ending itself. If that should happen... I warned you.

Canvas 2 Game intro

---CP Out---

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