Thursday, February 01, 2007

Shuffle! Memories

Well, what can i say i'm a shuffle maniac and i honestly proabbly can't get enough of it. I became so fixed on it i took the time to play through the dating game the show was based off of. Trust me it wasn't easy but with a kanji dictionary in hand i got through it somehow.

Anyway "Shuffle! Memories" the sequal is intresting and even though the openigns are reather spolier based for the game endings i don't thik it hurts to show them here. The intresting thing is that Kaede's intro uses her song from the OST which I tracked down after long hours of searching. Here i was seeing it for the first time and i was humming along because i already knew the tune. Maybe this is a bad sign?

Opening one

Kaede's intro

Asa's intro

--CP Out---

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