Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Metal Maddness

Full Metal Panic is another anime which i really love, mainly because of how funny the main character Sagara Souske reacts to situations.

For those of you that don't know FMP is a show about a girl named "Kaname Chidori" who has to be protected and put under surveillance. The military organization "Mithril" sends their youngest soldier Sagara to do this because being 17 he can attend classes and befriend the unaware high school girl while protecting her from possible danger. It's a good idea but the problem is that Sagara has been raised as a very stiff mechanical military soldier from birth and has never lived in a civilian environment. This is a recipe for disaster or rather tons of slapstick humor. Sagara constantly reacts to simple incidents with drastic military procedures and after it's come clear that he won't leave Kaname alone for a moment she's stuck with trying to keep him in line.

The first season of 24 episodes was popular enough to Spawn two sequel series following in linear order.

  • Full Metal Panic!

  • FMP: Fumoffu!

  • FMP: The Second Raid

Though the second and third seasons were only 13 episodes each they were each as good as the first. However while the first season was well balanced between the military action and story that developed Fumoffu was almost pure comedy and TSR was marly all serious action and plot. While I believe the second and third seasons to be not as good as the first they were still very good. I only wish there were more of the show.

This time instead of openings I'm going to leave you with trailers for the three respective seasons.

Full Metal Panic!

FMP: Fumoffu!

FMP: The Second Raid

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