Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Out Sold

I'm both a little surprised and disappointed by this new bit of news.
It's come to light that, according to recent sales figures, the Kinect for the Xbox 360 has sold more units than the Nintendo Game Cube. As a long time supporter of Nintendo, their products, and IP, I can't help but feel a bit disturbed by this event. The fact that more people care about a gimmicky peripheral than a core gaming console simply bugs me.

Honestly I shouldn't be so surprised, after all Nintendo did rake in money by banking on a gimmicky and unreliable control scheme with the Wii. However, it doesn't change that I'm not a fan of Microsoft, their products, and the CoD schlock that so many people (especially 360 owners) clamour for every year.
I guess I'm just a bit disgruntled that a peripheral, that most owners get little use out of, has out sold a last gen console that gave me untold hours of enjoyment.

---Strife Out---


Cirman said...

Take a look at Totalbiscuit's Content patch. One of the recent ones, where he talks about the kinekt being required for the 720. He tears the Kinekt a new one.

Anonymous said...

This is honestly more than disappointing to me. I to this day, still play the crap our of my Nintendo Gamecube, and yet something as ridiculous as the Kinect has sold more copies. Even though it's not been out half as long..

Unknown said...

Yes but think of the gimmicky nature of the hardware, it is aimed at casual/other gamers and not core gamers just like the Wii was. That alone will give it a wider audience. I agree it is a sad thing to see but I can see why it has reached these numbers.