Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Flip and the Flop

Well the game Prey 2 has been delayed, and won't be released this year. At the same time Dishonored looks to be shaping up to be a kick ass title. This is weird to me because up until this week I didn't give a damn about dishonored, and was only watching the progress of Prey 2. The reason was because I had seen nothing of Dishonored, and Prey 2 had a trailer (seen below) that caught my attention.
Now things are the exact opposite. I'm watching Dishonored, and more or less hoping the reviews I read of Prey 2 (when it finally comes out) say that it's NOT just a bomb

Strange oh strange are the events of this week.

Here's the trailer that got me interested in Prey 2.

----Strife Out----

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