Monday, November 07, 2011

Backlog in HD

Back when I was still in high school, and the PS2 was the number one console on the market, I racked up a collection of games, stockpiling them in my room. That stockpile still exists today, and many of the titles I still haven't played. The reason? I could never get my dad off the TV, and the terrible glare from the living room windows. Thus my games were left to collect dust, and I ended up spending nearly all of my time on the family computer watching series after series of anime.

Today I have a backwards compatible PS3 and my own TV, so nothing has been keeping me from playing those games. Except myself, and modern games. By the time I had my own personal AV equipment I had already been bitten by the HD bug. Then as time went by, I became attached to PC games over console based ones. Thus my problem is I can't stand the old fuzzy graphics of all those PS2 titles. I've been playing off my backlog lately though.

There's a program called PCXS2 that literally functions like a PS2 for your computer. It emulates the functionality of the greatest last gen system, allowing you to pop a disc into the drive and boot up old games in HD resolutions. Granted the textures are still fuzzy, and not all games run smoothly. But it's nice to finally be playing off old games that I bought for top dollar back in the day.

---CP Out---


Shriver said...

Hey man great job with the blog, it deserves much more recognition than it gets. Also your videos have amazing production quality and content, keep up the good work!

DeadOfKnight said...

Can you give us a guide for this because I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing.