Friday, July 01, 2011

The Insulted Hunt

Y'know what I love about open world games? The long exploration encouraged collection quests. I remember playing Zelda games back in the day and scouring Hyrule for heart pieces. Then Grand Theft Auto came along, and I fell in love with the search for hidden packages. On that note I've collected all of the hidden items in all of the GTA games from the PS2 era. Anyway my point is no matter what I've loved open world games mostly for the ability to explore and collect. However, collection missions have always been the same thing. An experience of keeping heightened senses in order to see what has been hidden. Well that's not the case in Fable III.

While there are the typical silent hidden collectables (in this case silver keys), the more interesting hidden items are gnomes. Yes that's right gnomes, but not just any gnomes. We're talking evil gnomes, who insult you when you're nearby!

I just laugh when I hear them.

----CP Out----

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