Thursday, February 10, 2011

Synthetic Form

Ever since I learned the term otaku I've qualified myself to be one. However, by no means have I ever considered myself as an extreme otaku, or even mediocre one. Why? Because, I lack the interest and drive to throw tons and tons of cash at things I simply don't need. Being a higher tier otaku (at least in my mind), means collecting things beyond the game, the dvds, and the manga. It's buying the figurines, the bed sheets, the mugs, etc etc etc. Doing something like that just isn't worth it in my mind. It also creeps into the area which I consider to be unusual and/or creepy.
All of that being said I can still appreciate the work that goes into the creation of those products.

Of all the products I'll never purchase anime figurines the category I respect the most. Even though I find them to be a total waste of money since they are fully nonfunctional; I consider the level of detail they have to be amazing.

----CP Out----

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