Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Blood Sucking Beauty

One of the long running Mangas that I've been reading is Rosario to Vampire, a story about young man who, in a desperate attempt to get into high school after failing his placement exams, enrols in a school advertised by a flyer which is dropped by a creepy man one night. On his first day he discovers the school is actually a monsters only academy where the supernatural creatures learn to control themselves and prepare to live with humans. However if humans are ever found on campus they are immediately killed to keep it's location a secret.

Now the entire point that I've brought this up is because of how it was turned into an anime at some point (a bad one I might add). Due to it's racy nature it was successful enough to warrant the production of a sequel (which was infinitely worse than the first).
Now being the type of person I am, I couldn't help myself and watched both seasons as they were being released. Understand that by no means was I impressed and I was neither entertained by either season, nor am I interested in seeing another. However there was one very VERY large thing about the second season that I found outstandingly good, and that would be it's intro sequence.

The high quality animation, fluid movements, obvious work that went into the choreography of the girls movements, and the cohesive style of the entire minute and a half opening blew me away. By no means did I expect to see such a well done piece of art to be used to set the tone for such a sub par show, which touts itself as little more than a fan service cluster fuck.

I don't know, maybe I'm being to critical but none the less the entire point is that the video below is a quality piece of work.
Also on a side note the youtube version has a slight problem with syncing and frame rate, so it's noticeably inferior to a full downloaded version preceding any given episode.

Rosario to Vampire 2 intro

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