Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Chicks and Nightclothes

I don't talk about racy things on this blog really, all because that's not what it's about. However a recent photo shoot that I saw with Ana Beatriz Barros (a Brazilian model), caught my eye. The reason is because of how perfectly her good side was captured in several of the shots. Most prominent of them is the particular photo where she is wearing blue, the composition is what I would consider perfect.

The main reason that I am surprised is because of how I have seen some of her other shoots, and quite honestly less than perfect. The style is either atrocious, the composition is poor, or the cameraman totally failed to capture a good angle or the makeup artist was simply to doped up to do a good job.

Call me prude or even gay for not being pleased by just BOOBS! But I'm an artist and when it comes to professional photo shoots I expect them to be done right. It's a massive blunder to make you model look like she has a hangover or hasn't had her daily dose of nose candy.

----CP Out----

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Anonymous said...

shes hot