Saturday, May 30, 2009

Final High

so I was big on the Advent Children movie before it cam out a few years back. I kept my ear to the ground and painstakingly searched for info pertaining to the movie on a regular basis. I was SO into it that I got my hands on the film two days before it was released in Japan with some ragged subtitles so I could follow along.

Well Nowadays I'm not that big into the FFV:AC thing but it doesn't stop me from loving the movie. So naturally I'm ecstatic about the Blu-Ray release of the movie. Ever since I herd about how the HD version would have more scenes and fighting I was excited. However when I herd that the entire movie was going to be redone with dirt being a factor on the characters and their clothes, I was blow away.

I've been very much so anticipating the inevitable release of the HD Final Fantasy Movie. So I'm honestly giddy with it being next week that those of us across the trench in America here getting our release of the movie in HD.

Teaser (check this out in HD full screen 720p)

---CP Out---

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