Monday, March 30, 2009

Crying Consoles

so there's no if and or buts about it, as powerful as consoles are they still qualify as last gen technology compared to high end gaming rigs. A game like Crysis can kick a console's processor core senseless in less than thirty seconds if that. For that reason I've remained a PC enthusiast for some time, and there isn't much of anything that can make me stop being one.

However to find that crytek has actually gone back and rewritten massive sections of the cry2 engine to get games like crysis working on consoles, amazes me. Technically its not even the cry2 engine anymore either; it's gone through so many changes it qualifies as a new version, the cry3 engine. The changes are so significant that I can't describe how important this is to the (current) console gaming industry. Aside of some other things that were just as large if not bigger that were announced at GDC 09; this has to be one of the top three that I've herd.

Not all of you may look at this and understand just what this means on a technical basis. Though none the less the visual results are easy to understand.

Demo vid of Cry engine 3 on consoles
Tech explained part 1
Tech explained part 2

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