Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Good Burn

One of the things that I love about reviews is when I encounter a slew of scathing remarks for any game. Even if I loved the game or the franchise, hard boiled spit in your face reviews put the nitty-gritty right in your eyes and show you all the flaws that have been made. It's terribly important to me that such reviews are made which is why I love the zero punctuation videos. No doubt Croshaw the writer will end up in someone's wallet at some point, but till them it's very entertaining to hear all his well written bitching.

With the number of kick backs and bribes happening in the game review industry today hearing a bad review is just that great. Primary because it typically means that no one got money and the developer is reaping what they decided to sew. Of course the down side to that is how no matter what, not a single game gets a perfect ten unless a hand is greased at least a little.

----CP Out----

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