Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Shred it! On Line!

So Im certain that most of you out there already know about games like guitar hero and rock band. I'm interested enough in them but they have only a certain level of entertainment value. The reason? Because the tracks you can play are limited to what's on the disc or at the on-line store that you can hook up to.
Don't get me wrong they're fun but when there's only so much, it's just not going keep anyone's attention for and extended period of time.

The remedy for this? Along comers Jam Legend, it's like face book or myspace but your profile is entirely focused on how well you play. It's an on-line game with a large library of songs that's totally free. You can play solo, compete with friends, challenge strangers, and match up with people your level. I have to say, from where i stand and where many people I know stand this website has a rather bright looking future.

shred the keyboard!
---Cp Out---

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