Wednesday, July 30, 2008

The Purple Pairs

So there are these two series that I've talked about before called Lucky Star and Clannad. I like them both in their own respect, as they are very different shows. However there is one thing that's strikingly similar about them that I can't really get out of my mind.

In Lucky star two of the main characters are twins named Tsukasa and Kagami. They have long and short lavender hair respectively so they're presumably identical save for that soul factor.

Now in Clannad there are a pair of sisters who are also twins named Ryō and Kyō. They have long and short hair respectively too. Presumably they are also identical twins.

These two pairs of girls look so similar in how they were designed it's uncanny. I really feel that they were created by the same person even though they weren't. It also feels like on had influence one the other (unlikely), but the two series have noting to do with each other... sort of.
While the origins of the two animes are very different the place where they were put in motion is very much the same. Kyoto animation is the studio that did the work for both Lucky Star and Clannad. I suppose that it's just coincidence that they were both made one right after the other, and both sets of twins had violet hair, one short one long, and fit in the same general age range.
The odd similarities are stacking, but they stop there. I just find it really surprising that they were both from the same studio and look alike. Oh but there's one more weird thing to mention. Fujibayashi Kyō sister to Ryō is voiced by Ryō Hirohashi.
The whole thing and all it's connections just struck me as weird.

Oh and on a total side note the other two main characters in Lucky Star are voiced by Hirano Aya and Endo Aya

The Fujibayashi sisters, Ryō (left) and Kyō (right)

The Hiiragi sisters, Kagami (left) and Tsukasa (right)

alternative image here.

Now if you don't see what I'm talking about you must be blind.

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