Wednesday, April 23, 2008


Do any of you remember those retro logos you would see at the beginning of a movie or the end of a TV show? all the things from the 80's and sometimes the 70's? Well I do, I remember them to a rather clear extent. I also think that compared to todays standards their rather ugly and unattractive.

However as a graphic designer (I'll say GD herein) and artistically aware person I have to at least look at them and realize just how difficult it was to make them. Seeing as how there was no computer involved in the creation of several logos during that time. Most of them were and still are, a standing mark for the capabilities of the GDs of the time since they were so difficult to make. The job of GDs has become much easier since then but the competition is higher in trade.

Sometimes I feel that the quality of the design you see everywhere today is worse. Nearly anyone can just jump into a program like Illustrator, PhotoShop, or Fireworks and make things that would have taken hours then, in less than three to five minutes now. All I'm saying is that I feel the market is over saturated with things that are trying far to hard to be that "cool looking thing" with sleek design and futuristic smooth curves accompanied by a mirror finish. It's horribly difficult to come up with things that stand out today, because in order to do that you have to be more plain and in turn easily less "cool looking".

That's just the way it's always worked though to catch the eye of people with design you have to do what's in to the extreme nth degree; or do something against the trend with hints of what's in.

I digress though I'm beginning to rant (auctly I think got as far as preaching).

My point is that what used to be the trend for design and advertisement is very easily overlooked today because it's not as good. I would beg to differ ever since I saw the vid below. It proves that retro design is still good, it just needs a update to how it's done and it's presentation style. Like I said what's not "in" or common but with bits and pieces of what make things popular today.

I give you DVNO by Justice.

Maybe I'm being more technical and I'm analyzing what most people can't see, not being GDs themselves. Hope I didn't loose anyone with this post.

---CP Out---


Anonymous said...

Frankly, I think that video is freakin awesome. It reminds me of when I was a young whippersnapper! :D Hooray for the internets!

Anonymous said...

Yo, link's broken. (Darned YouTube!) This one should work though.