Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Highly Advanced

Y'know there are some shows that I've nearly forgotten about that I have watched in the past years. One of the major reasons is because of how many series I "consumed" in such a short period of time. Back when I was still in high school I was burning anime like there was no tomorrow. For instance when i finally decided to watch naruto I went from episode one to one-hundred and twenty eight in a week and a half. A bit less than nine hours of anime a day for those of you who want the numbers.

The thing though is that I'm bit by bit losing my interest in watching new anime series because it's so hard to find worth while stories. As a result I've been going back through my archive of anime which I have watched (I backup and burn all the shows I watch) and am enjoying older series I've already experienced.

This brings me to the show Mai-HiME which is something that I've stayed away from for a personal reason. Back when I was watching it around four or three episodes away from the end during all the big climactic incidents, I got a phone call about the death of my best friend. I watched the rest of the show but it didn't really stick since I was in to much shock. In the end Mai-HiME to me was a reminder of a rather sad incident for me so I haven't touched it since.

Now that I'm past the incident I went back and watched it again and wow am I surprised at how much stuff there was in the show. For a long time I was under the impression that the show was full of fan service and I had liked it to a minimal extent because of how cliche it was. I was rather wrong and my memory was bad because it was a very good show. It had a lot of feelings that went right over my head (at the time) or I was unable to absorb because of how much anime I was watching. Either way I realize now how good of a show it was and I really did get the point this time I watched it (took a while).


Watch this show!

---CP Out---

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