Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Tari Tari

The anime Tari Tari isn't brand spanking new. However, just because a show is close to six months old doesn't mean it's not worth anyone's time.

I actually had the script for this review written months back, about five weeks after the show ended. I was just preoccupied with my more bread and butter content, which is obviously videogame related stuff.
Anyway I hope you enjoy the vid, and if you like go check out the show after you hear what I say.

----Strife Out----


Unknown said...

William Strife, I would like to introduce you to "Attack on Titan". It's a very great anime by Funimation. It has a great story line and is dramatic and as lots of action. So far only eight ep. has came out. I advise you to watch it and I hope you will like it. I'm also a fan of your work, and you are so cool.

Unknown said...
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