Thursday, February 21, 2013

The First of the Next

Last night Sony had their PlayStation conference which, as everyone expected, was done specifically to officially announce the Playstation 4.
Lots of things were shown off such as games in the works, third party support, hardware specs, and the new overhauled controller. However, amongst all the news the show lacked what most would consider the centrepiece of everything, the physical console. The lack of actual hardware to look at is rather discouraging, but honestly if they showed the box now they wouldn't have much to unveil at E3.

Now there's also been some interesting stuff that has come to light the following day of the conference. The most noteworthy of everything though is how the PS4 has "No backwards compatibility", as stated by Sony Worldwide Studios president, Shuhei Yoshida.
I'm not surprised by this at all, after all the PS3 had a very strange processor architecture, which made it difficult to program for in the first place. I'm curious how this will affect their sales though, since undoubtedly fewer people will sell their PS3 to buy a new console that suffers the the initial launch period game drought.

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Anonymous said...

i always checkout your blog for gaming info, and the latest news, you are very well informed, making me more informed....thx

Cirman said...

At least they ditched the convex sticks...