Saturday, March 02, 2013

Fallout 3 -04

At this point I really don't know when I'll stop doing this play, or how to conclude it. I'm a little troubled by how much some people are freaking out over the biweekly release schedule it has. I appreciate how so may people love the videos, but constant wining creates pressure and reduces my interest in even working on each episode. To be frank though, the thing that pisses me off the most are when people complain about it in the comments of my other videos that have nothing to do with this series. I'm pretty firm in my belief of "don't cross the streams", but I know I'm just being anal.

I'll persevere, after all I know better than to bite the hand that feeds me.
On a related note though, being asked every day to make a FONV DLC weapon guide is a major factor in why I've not been able to get myself to even build a gun list to write a script off of.

----Strife Out----


LunoPKC said...

Strange that people are leaving comments about it being a weelky release considering that the episodes are 50 minutes long AND are well edited. I'd be happy if this was a monthly release

DeadOfKnight said...
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DeadOfKnight said...

Ignore them. They are a minority of your fan base, even if they are loud and obnoxious. You didn't gain such a following of viewers by doing what others told you to do. Just keep doing things your way, trust me.

Nacatl said...

Such a nice day for me, and then, just top it off i discover that, a new Fallout 3 video release ^^

Mrmusiclover915 said...

I agree completely and don't understand why people say that some youtubers do like 1 episode of something but thats how their channel is set up while others who go through the whole game are constantly being pestered about releasing a new episode keep up the good work

R Stitch said...

I agree with DeadOfKnight