Sunday, January 09, 2011

Threshold of a Dream

I've spoken in past posts about a website called OC Remix, which is dedicated to remixing the music of video games. The site's effort is mostly artistic, with many contributors and even collaborative work appearing from time to time. While group efforts are infrequent, when they do show up they usually take form as an album which remixes the bulk of the music from a specific game. Several albums have come and gone, and while each has it's pros and cons most of the games that receive attention are land mark titles such as the final fantasy series, castlevania, and chrono trigger. All the while though some of the more noticeable titles have gun unnoticed, amongst them being the legend of zelda.
That changed with the release with the recent album Threshold of a Dream which is the remixing of the game Link's Awakening for the game boy.

While most remixes conform to an orchestrated film interpretation "Threshold of a Dream" is a bit different. Instead the project is more geared toward keeping the tracks similar to the original music from the game, albeit less eight-bitty. While I'm not certain weather or not this remix attempt, and unique project style, is a success I am certain that I'm happy the Zelda series has finally received a remix album. Here's to hoping another one in the form of a movie soundtrack will be made at some point.

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