Sunday, January 02, 2011

Lick of the River Styx.

Over the course of the latter half of December there was an enormous two week sale on Steam. It was during this joyous software sale that I picked up far more games than I have time on my hand to play, and amongst them was a little title called Death Spank.

Death Spank is one of those games you play, and never take seriously. Even though it's fun and can eat up hours of your time, you spend more time laughing at jokes in the script than struggling to reach the end. It's a fun game to be sure, but Death Spank sells itself more so as in interactive comedy than a hack and slash game; Even though it's combat mechanics are solid.

Keeping the story short Death Spank can be described in one sentence.
Forgettable, but worth every penny for the laughs to fill spare time.

This trailer can communicate some of the humor.

----CP Out----

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