Friday, June 08, 2012

FF Tech

I've been up on the next generation of video game graphics for a while now. Being a PC gamer I've been able to play games with visual fidelity that console owners simply don't have access to. As a result I see less of a night and day difference when seeing techdemos, because most games I play have been edging forward and I've been there to see the inching improvment. This real-time demo from Square-Enix though proves just how much I can still be blown away.

Of everything that came out of E3 this year (keeping in mid I still haven't seen everything), this has to be the most impressive.

----Strife Out----


Anonymous said...

What the hell just happened!? The GOOD guys are the ones who resurrected a dragon!? Then they get attacked by a MODERN day terrorist group!? Then they fly off into a FUTURISTIC city!? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...
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