Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Adam, Eve, and Plankton

So being a gamer of mixed designs I play a lot of different genres. Mostly though the games I play are system specific. That is when it comes to First person games I prefer to experience them on a computer, RPGs play well with consoles, strategy with PC, etc etc etc. So it's a bit disappointing to see games on other systems get an extra hand up when I chose not to go in that particular route.
One recent example is the leaked video of the bioshock 2 teaser seen on a PS3. It's not like I'm really missing out on anything in this case, and I'm not to displeased about it either. I'm just a bit upset that something like this that so well fits into the advertising department, is kept secret and exclusive.

Let me take a step back though. Bioshock is a first person shooter that I really liked. I know that it's just like system shock 2 but all the same I've never played it and probably never will because of the time constraints I have. It's a shooter that's unlike many out there and it's story is refreshing with a few twists, though a bit predictable.
So hearing about a sequel has grabbed my attention, while at the same time has made me hungry for a HD trailer. This is where I'm annoyed, the poor quality leaked video is almost certainly real and it clearly fits the definition of advertising. So why not release an HD version? I'm just nitpicking I know, I can't really help myself because I always want the best of the best visuals, but that's just who I am.

Anyway from what It seems 2K won't be letting the game stagnate (but I hold no hopes). I'm anticipating the next instalment and if what I've herd is true than I'll hopefully still be interested enough to also buy the third one should they make it.

---CP Out---

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