Thursday, May 29, 2008

Grammatically its V not F

I watch a lot of anime but there are few that I go through the trouble of buying on DVD. These days there are two reasons. First, most anime I watch I don't consider good enough to spend money on, and two low-def is so yesterday. That being said there aren't any series published in HD yet (region 1 anyway), so I do buy the occasional box set.

So when you put together Mental instability, mutant test subjects, a molested child, extreme gore, a sadistic military commando, and a hit of incest what do you get?
Sorry, but I just realized that give or take a few of those elements and I could name several other anime series I've seen. Anyway the show I'm talking about is Elfin Lied, which despite my list is actually a very good show.
It's hard to describe and justify, but simply put the show lays out uncomfortable elements and tells a story with them. Where it goes? well that's something that would spoil the show.

Elfin Lied Trailer

There is the opening, but I'll refrain from posting that here.

---CP Out---

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