Friday, April 11, 2008

eye for an eye - Vampire for a Vampire?

Vampires seem to have hit a nerve of popularity lately as I'm seeing more of them around. Just as I finished one series about a vampire I happened to see the release of a new one I had been anticipating.

Back in July of '06 I became interested in a manga called vampire knight. It was a very rare incident in which I chose to read a shoj-... Wait never mind. It doesn't matter what type of people usually read this stuff, cause this was a rare incident and I don't fit into it's demographic. Point being I usually don't read this stuff and yet it still caught my eye for how it works. The concept is that a girl named YĆ«ki Cross was rescued at the age of 5 from a vampire by a vampire. As a result she became a student at Cross Academy a school where humans and vampires live. Ten years later she's working as a prefect keeping the day students (who are humans) from making contact with the night students (who are vampires).

The entire concept doesn't really interest me that much but the element that makes the whole idea catch my eye is the only other prefect on campus, Yuki's friend Zero. He's a very arrogant tough looking character who has a short temper to boot. He has a bad past with vampires and no real interest in ever respecting them.

Additionally I'm interested just how good the comical element of this show can stack up since I liked that part in the manga... But I digress.

Anyway My interest in this show is purely spawned from my lack of ability to... "obtain" the manga despite my desire to read it. The show seems to be worth it, following the manga nearly to the letter so far (unlike other recent vampire stories). Hopefully the show will at least remain interesting even if it's not what I hope it to be. I remain static in my belief that you can never expect anything from the entertainment you watch or you'll be disappointed to some extent.

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