Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Merto line or other side?

well I know you've seen it before time and time again. A guy that looks like a girl. It happens in all cultures all the time. My point now is that I've never seen anyone make fun of JUST Japanese metro guys... or are they actually gay stereotypes?

dude looks like a lady

Don't start asking which side I bat for since I found this. It was on my ex-girlfriend's mySpace page so i looked at it.

---CP Out---


Anonymous said...

lol i can give you more info on this guy. his name is Gackt. he used to be part of the band malice mizer before he went solo. he is also an actor and model. and, you'll love this, the main character in final fantasy, Cloud, was modeled after this guy.
check out his music video for "Vanilla" on youtube.

Anonymous said...

Tidus from FFX was modeled on Gackt, as well.

It's been *years* since I've seen anything involving Gackt. He always has been very, very metro. In fact, the first time I ever saw Gackt, I had to ask someone else (who was a fan) if he was a guy or a girl. Heh. Still, he sure has a nice complexion!