Sunday, June 24, 2007

The Begining of Fear

If I haven't said before my music library consists mostly of sound track albums and the background music from various animes. I'm not to sure why but for some reason I love to listen the the atmospheric music often and having no lyrics helps me to stay focused when I work. Most of the time the music is generic in the sense that it's upbeat sounding but another frequent kind is the dirge. The sad feel helps to sooth me but in an odd way.

However spooky is a very different kind of thing. Very rare is there any music that is of such nature and even more so is it good enough for me to want to listen to it more than once. Regardless the track entitled "Kyoufu no Hajimari" from "The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya" is something that's distasteful but I love anyway. Most people who have herd it tell me that it's horrid and I agree but I just can't hate it. I suppose that it's the simple strings and piano that draw me to it despite the disharmony that it develops and looses frequently. It's initial feeling is smooth and calm which most likely is what has attached me to it. Finally even after it's odd, more soundtrack feel it returns to the same feeling of calm uneasiness. That feeling that you have before the monster jumps out which is worse than seeing your attacker.

Really like I said it's odd and a horrid track to just listen to but for some really odd reason I love it.

---CP Out---

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